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The Bark Hype Tactical Collar is a high-quality, durable dog collar specifically designed for active dogs. It is made from heavy-duty nylon material, known for its strength and longevity, ensuring the collar withstands rigorous use. The collar features a robust handle that provides owners with a secure grip for better control during training or challenging outdoor activities.

Includes a D-ring attachment made from reinforced metal for added durability.

Each component of the Bark Hype Tactical Collar is designed with both functionality and the dog's comfort in mind, making it an ideal choice for pet owners who require a reliable, high-performance collar for their canine companions.

This collar boasts high-grade components, including comfort-enhancing neoprene padding, ultra-durable military-standard nylon, and a robust stainless steel D-ring and buckle. This fusion of materials guarantees a collar that delivers comfort for your pet, along with resistance to the usual wear and tear.

When selecting the best durable patches for your dog, we prioritize both resilience and flexibility. This is why we have chosen PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) as our material of choice for dog patches. PVC stands out as the most flexible patch option available, ensuring that each patch can endure the dynamic and often rough-and-tumble lifestyle of your canine companion.

Moreover, PVC patches are exceptionally practical for pet owners. Concerned about dirt and grime? These patches are not only waterproof but also washable. This means they can endure rainy days, muddy adventures, and regular washes without losing their quality or appearance. You can let your dog be as active and messy as they like, knowing that their PVC patch will come out looking as good as new with a simple wash.

These collars boast a substantial 1.5" width, perfectly balancing robust strength with sleek style. This ideal width ensures your dog's utmost comfort, whether they're on a leisurely walk or engaging in high-energy activities. The extra width provides a significant surface area, reducing pressure on your dog's neck and enhancing overall comfort.

Absolutely, our collars are designed with a Neoprene padded lining, renowned for its superior comfort, expedient drying characteristics, and resistance to odors, making it ideal for sensitive canines.

Indeed, the collar offers adjustability to accommodate various neck dimensions, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your canine companion. This feature is particularly useful for puppies or dogs that are still growing, as the fit can be readjusted as they develop.

To clean your dog's collar, kindly adhere to the following steps:

  1. Combine lukewarm water with a gentle detergent or pet-friendly shampoo in a bowl or sink.
  2. Immerse the collar, using a soft-bristle brush or sponge to scrub, paying special attention to any soiled or stained sections.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the collar with water to expel all soap residues.
  4. Allow the collar to air dry entirely prior to its next use.

Certainly, we provide a 6-month guarantee on our collars, specifically covering manufacturing faults. It's important to note this does not extend to normal usage depreciation or damages caused by your dog. Should you encounter any problems or have concerns regarding your collar, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Recognizing the challenges of selecting the perfect fit, particularly for those unfamiliar with online pet product shopping, we provide a hassle-free exchange on your initial purchase. This policy ensures you can secure the correct size for your dog, preventing any future sizing dilemmas. To initiate your exchange, please simply reach out to us via email and we'll commence the straightforward exchange procedure.

The majority of our items are suitable for machine washing, making maintenance effortless. However, it's crucial to consult the specific care instructions on the garment's label to guarantee optimal upkeep. For the best results, we suggest air-drying by hanging the items post-wash.

For your initial purchase, we're happy to offer complimentary exchanges! We'll supply a shipping label for the hassle-free return of products.

However, please note that if you're returning items for a refund due to reasons other than product defects, the return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.

For customers within the United States, you have the option to organize your return shipping, or we can provide a shipping label for you. In the case of the latter, please be aware that a standard charge of $7 USD will be subtracted from your refund to cover return shipping and handling expenses.

Customers outside the United States will need to manage their return shipment to our US-based returns warehouse. These shipping costs are non-refundable.

We strive for efficiency in processing and dispatching orders promptly, which means there's a limited window for changes. If you need to make any adjustments, please contact us immediately. If we manage to intercept the order before it's processed, we'll gladly make the necessary updates. However, if the order is already in motion, rest assured, we provide a simple and speedy process for exchanges or returns.

We pride ourselves on a swift processing time of 1-3 business days for your order! Following shipment, the arrival time of your package depends on your specific location. Below are our standard estimated shipping durations:

  • United States: Between 6-7 business days

We are committed to ensuring timely delivery and will do everything within our power to meet these estimates. Nonetheless, certain factors out of our control, such as incorrect addresses, issues with customs clearance, public holidays, high-demand periods, or local carrier setbacks, may lead to delays. Consequently, we're unable to guarantee precise delivery dates. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience in these instances.

For real-time updates on your shipment, we recommend monitoring your tracking link once your order is en route.

Absolutely, breeds such as Pitbulls, French Bulldogs, larger canines, and even young pups can find tactical dog collars advantageous. These collars cater to robust and sizeable dogs, offering them essential support. Recognized for their top-notch resilience, they frequently have cushioning for enhanced comfort. Plus, they're equipped with a handy grip, facilitating better control in urgent scenarios. Thus, for daily strolls or when needing increased restraint, tactical dog collars stand out as a dependable option.

When choosing a top-quality tactical collar for dogs, whether for Pitbulls, French Bulldogs, larger breeds, or puppies, certain features are essential. Opt for a collar crafted from high-grade materials with reinforced stitching for longevity and security. A cushioned neoprene lining provides added comfort for your pet. A built-in handle offers enhanced control, especially in emergencies. Keep these characteristics in mind for the best blend of functionality and comfort. Ensure your pet's safety and flair with a tactical collar that meets all these criteria.

To begin, take a measuring tape and size up your dog, whether it's a Pitbull, French Bulldog, larger breed, or puppy. Start by assessing the circumference of the neck where a collar would typically rest, ensuring it's comfortably tight without constricting. Then, gauge the chest's broadest point, usually right behind the front legs. Conclude by determining the distance from the neck's base to the beginning of the tail.

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